posted by Kroc Camen on Sat 14th Nov 2009 22:20 UTC
IconThom's down with flu, so to avoid moving a lot of interesting news to pg.2, I am creating a combined item here covering a number of Microsoft related news items submitted to us.

Massive bug in Microsofts "NEW" Explorer [submitted by James Hoving]

I have found a major bug in the Explorer for server 2008 and Windows 7 (and probably Vista too). The problem is that the explorer is unclear of which directory entry that has focus and this can lead to MASSIVE data loss. I would say that the bug has made the explorer all but unusable. I have put up a video on YouTube demonstrating the problem.

Microsoft 'Sudo' Patent No Danger To Unix [Submitted by Dale Smoker]

A patent granted to Microsoft has stirred up worry that the world's largest software company wants to claim Unix's "sudo" as its own. This apparent similarity has led some in the open source community to ask whether the company plans to demand a patent licensing fee from open source vendors.

Microsoft Confirms First Windows 7 Zero-Day Bug [Submitted by Dale Smoker]

In a security advisory, Microsoft acknowledged that a bug in SMB could be used by attackers to cripple Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 machines.

Microsoft Apologizes for Improperly Using Code [Submitted by Dale Smoker]

Microsoft has acknowledged that it incorporated open-source code into a Windows 7 download tool. As a result, it will make the download tool's source code available to the community.

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