posted by boulabiar on Sun 20th Dec 2009 19:08 UTC
IconAs a result of the MPX integration in the mainline X.Org Server, the French-based ENAC Interactive Computing Lab produced a new video showing off the new multi-touch capabilities using Fedora 12 with its X Server 1.7 and Linux 2.6.31 kernel.

Back in June they had released a video that showed off some multi-touch capabilities of Linux. At that time and in the video they were using the Linux kernel and then recognizing gestures from input events and then sending specialized commands over D-Bus straight into Compiz. Since that time though, X Server 1.7/X.Org 7.5 has been released, which fully delivers on Multi-Pointer X support.

A variety of touch-based devices are shown, among which are the Broadcom 5974, Stantum, NTrig, 3M, and DiamondTouch surface. While their system configuration was largely stock from Fedora, they had used a modified xf86-input-evdev driver and a multi-touch management client (multitouchd), which is available from the computing lab's web-site.

Using with this driver can be a "cleaner" solution for multi-touch adoption in mainline Linux distributions, allowing users to utilize this input feature only when it is supported by their hardware.

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