posted by David Adams on Tue 22nd Dec 2009 17:48 UTC, submitted by poundsmack
IconOpenVMS Software Roadmap December 2009
Significant changes:
  • OpenVMS V8.4 will be followed by a patch to support the next generation HP Integrity systems after they are available
  • OpenVMS V8.4 to be supported on HP VM V4.2
  • Storage Futures shows D2D, VLS De-Duplication, SVSP
  • TCP/IP V5.7 (due in 2010) will not include IPSEC (it's not ready) but IPSEC will appear later (it's in the E8.4 Field test kit if you want to try it)
  • CIFS V1.2 due in 2010
  • Insight DynamicsVSE Suite of Products-Integrated solution to manage, analyze and optimize physical, virtual resources on Integrity & Blades - 2010
  • Availability Manager v3.1-1 on OpenVMS (Alpha and Integrity) - 2010
  • RTR 5.2 is available.
  • Future releases planned for the compilers
  • The OpenVMS Service Support Roadmap shows the versions on long term support (Alpha V6.2, V7.3-2 etc) supported at least through 2012

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