posted by Thom Holwerda on Thu 4th Feb 2010 10:10 UTC
IconAs promised, Fusion Garage has sent out a press release regarding its Joo Joo tablet device. The news is all good: full production has started, and the device will ship this month, readily beating the iPad to market. It has also been confirmed it will come with Flash, and once Flash 10.1 goes final, the Joo Joo will be able to playback HD through Flash, so that things like Hulu will work.

Fusion Garage has teamed up with Malaysia's CSL Group which will manufacture the Joo Joo in exchange for a "low single digit" revenue percentage. This seems like a rather low number, but hey, we've been surprised before.

"This is landscape changing manufacturing agreement in the CE hardware market in much the same way Dell changed the PC business model with its direct to consumer sales approach back in the 1990s," said Fusion Garage founder and CEO, Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan, "CSL's confidence in JooJoo and strategic investment enables us to concentrate on the expansion of our organization, software development and, ultimately, building a world class CE company."

"We are justifiably bullish - not only on the promise of the JooJoo and the Internet tablet market's potential but also on Fusion Garage's forward looking vision," said Dato Eric Chuah, Chairman of the CSL Group, "We have an opportunity to expand our business via this relationship, enter a hot market with a trusted partner and turn the traditional CE hardware manufacturing model on its head. We are betting on volume here and firmly believe our bet will be a winner."

Basically all the Joo Joo needs for me to be considered useful is to have the ability to browse SAMBA shares; I keep all my media content on the media centre in my bedroom, and if I could access all that through the Joo Joo then it would be a good media player - albeit an expensive one at USD 499. Since it runs Linux, chances are people will start hacking it and expanding its functionality, probably in a legal way, as opposed to the iPad which will be illegal to hack.

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