posted by Kroc Camen on Sun 2nd May 2010 18:21 UTC
IconWhew, what a week. In a week of threats, patents and doom and gloom, we are joined by Tess again to discuss desktop computing. Is it going the way of the dodo, or will it turn into something else? (what with all this mobile-computing hype) Also discussed is the ongoing H264 minefield that THREATENS TO DESTROY US ALL *ahem* before meandering off to something more positive: HP buys Palm; assuring us that there is good in this world.

Here's how the audio file breaks down:

1:05:08(Total Time)

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The intro / intermission and outro music is a Commodore 64 remix “Turrican 2 - The Final Fight” by Daree Rock.

We genuinely hope that you enjoy the show, and that we've managed to bring up original points in our discussion. Do follow up what you picked up on in your comments!

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