posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 21st Jun 2010 19:15 UTC
IconSo, I might not be able to do much work on OSNews due to my internship (I always wondered what tumble weeds looked and sounded like on a website - now I know), but I did know one thing: Monday, June 21, is iTunes day. This means launching that horrid mess to go through the painstakingly archaic backup/update iTunes/update iOS routine (and yes, they still try to cheat you into installing Safari) - because Apple released iOS 4.0 today, adding a number of welcome features to bring the iOS up to par with the competition.

We've already covered iOS 4 in quite some detail, so there's no need to go through each and every feature again. The big one is "multitasking", which is placed between quotation marks because it's not really multitasking at all (but who cares what it is - as long as it looks like multitasking I'm happy). After installing iOS 4, you'll be able to do something indistinguishable from multitasking. Finally.

Folders are another nice addition, allowing you to store several applications within a single folder on your home screen. This should alleviate the problem many have where they have 3489345 applications installed (3489145 of them flashlight and fart applications) spread over an insane amount of home screens. Speaking of home screens - you can have your own background now. Yeah.

There's other stuff too, like a much-improved mail applications, spell checker, improved camera zoom, support for wireless keyboards, and more. In other words, make a cup of tea, get a good book (or hopefully watch Spain lose to Honduras), and have fun with the iTunes update eXpErIeNcE.

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