posted by snydeq on Thu 15th Jul 2010 18:31 UTC
IconFatal Exception's Neil McAllister asks whether the need for advanced development expertise is on the decline in an era in which tools grow increasingly more advanced, and coding increasingly moves offshore. 'Few companies share Google's zeal for academic credentials when hiring new developers. Many are willing to accept self-taught programmers, particularly if they have other skills relevant to the business.'

Witness Zoho's homegrown approach to recruitment, in which high school graduates are molded into programmers by way of Zoho's own curriculum. 'Many American employers are trying a similar, ground-up approach to developer education. Rather than hiring new programmers to staff software projects, they recruit internally, often tapping employees with little or no previous coding experience to transition into development roles.' The mixed state of IT education may play a factor here, but all these forces seem to suggest that the demand for computer science education in the job market is on the wane.

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