posted by David Adams on Mon 2nd Aug 2010 03:32 UTC, submitted by Matthew Humphries
IconA few years ago, there was a website called that enabled you to jailbreak your iPhone without iTunes, by just visiting a web site. But it stopped working with one of the OS updates, so people forgot about it. Well, it's back. I've actually been waiting to jailbreak my new iPhone 4 and for an iOS 4 jailbreak for my old iPhone 3GS, but after fiddling around with downloading big ipsw files from sketchy websites only to find they didn't work, I decided to wait for an easier option.

I'm glad I waited. I doubt that the re-launch of has anything to do with the recent ruling that Jailbreaking is legal in the US, but the fact that there's such an easy jailbreak for every iDevice now, and the fact that you're officially not a criminal if you use it (though I'm sure that Apple Store geniuses will treat you like one if you walk in with a jailbroken iPhone) means that there are going to be a lot of jailbroken iPhones out there.

It works like this: you go to, you initiate the jailbreak by sliding a slider like the one you use to answer a phone call, then you see this:

Jailbreak Me

Then your iPhone is jailbroken. I love it.

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