posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 24th Aug 2010 14:36 UTC
IconUpgrading all those countless Android devices to version 2.2, or Froyo, hasn't exactly been an easy task for many device makers and carriers. Between flat-out denying devices from Froyoness and already having Froyo updates sent out, Motorola has pretty much lost it. Where companies are incompetent, the geeks that roam the 'net seek to provide solace. What do you do, then, as a company? Why, you threaten your loyal customers with legal action, of course.

The Droid X ships with Android 2.1, and Motorola has promised to deliver Froyo somewhere in September. Enterprising geeks couldn't wait this long, and like for many other Andrid phones waiting for Froyo updates, they created their own Froyo ROMs and leaked them all over the web, thereby giving those that dare the opportunity to upgrade their phones.

This isn't a new practice. Custom ROMs regained the spotlight with Android, but the practice was widespread in the Windows Mobile heydays, and contrary to what most other companies would do, Microsoft was remarkably tolerant of the Windows Mobile ROM community.

Motorola not so much. The US phone maker doesn't take kindly to the hacking community, and has sent cease and desist letters to websites hosting the Froyo Droid X ROM. A man with the ominous title of Senior Director Information Security requests that websites "remove or disable access to this material as it appears on [their] service in as expedient a fashion as possible".

With Motorola fast becoming the Apple of the Android world, I'd suggest geeks who like to fiddle with their devices to simply look at HTC phones. As far as I know, HTC has a pretty relaxed policy towards the geek community.

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