posted by Thom Holwerda on Sun 10th Oct 2010 19:47 UTC, submitted by Amix
IconSo, yeah, as we already detailed almost two weeks ago, MorphOS 2.6 has been released. We've already discussed this one and its new features last time around, so I'm having a little trouble coming up with stuff to write about, but I'll do my best to find anything interesting in the detailed release notes - as inexperienced as I am with MorphOS.

The biggest new feature is of course support for PowerMac computers, the models sporting a G4. The following models are supported:

  • Power Mac 3,1 - AGP-Graphics
  • Power Mac 3,2 - AGP-Graphics
  • Power Mac 3,3 - Gigabit Ethernet
  • Power Mac 3,4 - Digital Audio
  • Power Mac 3,5 - Quick Silver/Quick Silver 2002
  • Power Mac 3,6 - Mirrored Drive Doors/FW 800/Mirrored Drive Doors 2003

It's important to note that only the 3,4, 3,5, and 3,6 models will have their sound chip supported at this point. NVIDIA GeForce2 MX and NVIDIA GeForce4 MX/Titanium video cards are not supported in these PowerMac models. I'm not sure if dual processor machines are supported - most likely, it'll work, but on one processor alone (MorphOS does not support SMP).

Looking at the rest of the release notes, it appears they've been focussing on bug fixes, which is great, of course - but it does leave me a little short on things to tell you. In any case, if you've got a PowerMac lying around doing nothing, now would be a good chance to turn it into something useful.

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