posted by Thom Holwerda on Sun 17th Oct 2010 21:30 UTC
IconAnd we have another interesting development in the ongoing and ever-expanding idiocy that is the War of the High-Fiving Lawyers Mobile Patent World War. Motorola, now a central player in this worldwide conflict that is hurting consumers' wallets and clogging legal systems all over the world, has come to HTC's rescue by seeking to invalidate the patents Apple sued HTC with earlier this year.

Motorola, until recently a relatively neutral party in the Mobile Patent World War, has now joined the hostilities big time. Not only were they sued by Microsoft, they also sued Apple. The latest development is that Motorola also seeks to invalidate the patents Apple is using to sue the living daylights out of HTC.

The reason for this new move is simple and explained quite clearly in the filing. Motorola believes that it will face a patent infringement suit from Apple covering the same patents Cupertino is currently suing HTC with. As a pre-emptive strike, Motorola is seeking a declaratory judgement to invalidate the patents in question outright. In Dragon Age terms: you stealth your rogue, coat your dual swords in concentrated deathroot extract, scout ahead, flank the enemy, and strike, which becomes an automatic critical hit due the attack being initiated while in stealth.

Since it's becoming ever harder to say something sane about this nonsense that is costing consumers money while also clogging up the legal system, let's look at a picture of a pretty unicorn. Alternatively, let's watch these again.

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