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IconWindows 8 isn't expected to be released until the end of 2012 and "new feature" details is still officially non-existent, but some of these recent rumours began to bear more weight since a slide was "officially leaked" on This slide although has since been removed, but it can however still be seen on lmsfkitchen.

Internally Windows 8 is dubbed "Windows.Next". Rumour has it Windows 8 will be revolutionary rather than evolutionary. A totally new file system is mentioned. No details about this new file system is public yet, but we can can speculate on its origins. Microsoft's R&D department has at any one time multiple new alternative operating systems research projects. One of them is the Singularity Project . This is the largest other os project within Microsoft. Would it be a leap to far to expect some fruit of this project to trickle down to win 8? For me one of the most interesting new features rumoured is "push button reset". This would allegedly allow you to reinstall Windows applications you bought from the up-and-coming Windows app store with push button ease. What's most interesting is that this doesn't only refer to restoring programs bought from Windows store but also other software. So in essence it implies a reinstall of Windows while maintaining all your personal files, applications and settings. This would be heaven sent for all PC technicians, DIYers and chronic upgraders.

Other possible features mentioned include facial recognition, proximity meter and accelerometer to adjust screen orientation and to automatically start or log off your PC depending on your movement, a Windows store, better graphics and, as usual, faster start-ups. Remarks on the store include "getting applications they want, that they can feel confident in, that they can use on any Windows 8 device". It's not sure if confidence only refers to compatibility, but hopefully also security and might keep tabs on critical unpatched third party software. Other rumours is that Microsoft is mulling 128 bit versions of Windows, while not that important to home users (yet) this would surely make the big Windows server managers very happy since 128bit machine won't have the 1 terabyte maximum ram limit. Another interesting feature rumoured is that desktop virtualisation may come standard with Windows 8.

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