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IconWhat were the big themes this year? Which stories on OSNews were the most popular? We dove into our database (well, Adam did), and compiled a list of 2010's ten most popular stories on OSNews. As a metric, we didn't look at silly things like hits or whatever, but at the only metric that matters on OSNews, the only metric which really indicates what our registered (and thus, loyal) readers loved to argue about this year: number of comments. Yes, that headline is intentionally confusing.

So, here's the list. The big number is the number of comments, obviously.

  1. 303 4chan Hits PayPal, MasterCard, Others for WikiLeaks Snubs
  2. 254 Finally: Ubuntu Ditches X, Switches to Wayland
  3. 212 Improving the Linux Desktop
  4. 212 Is Chrome Overtaking Firefox as Power Users' Browser of Choice?
  5. 211 Shuttleworth Responds to Ubuntu's Critics
  6. 208 Apple Unveils Stunning New MacBook Airs, Gives Lion Preview
  7. 202 Cops Seize Four Computers, Two Servers from Gizmodo Editor
  8. 190 Apple Unveils iPad
  9. 189 A Little Positive Apple Analysis
  10. 186 10 Things Linux Does Better Than Windows
Interestingly enough, both Linux and Apple are popular subjects (both have four stories), while there's only one Windows story (and even that one is actually a Linux story). The most popular story doesn't come as a total surprise to me, but I'm fascinated to see that Chrome story up there.

The numbers 11 through 30 on this list are almost all stories related to the HTML5 video debate, which makes that 'storyline' by far the most popular topic on OSNews this past year. To further indicate that really, nobody seems to care about the alternative operating systems scene any longer, the only alternative operating system in this list can be found at number 13 with 171 comments: New Amiga Sports Programmable Co-Processor, Dualcore PPC. Go Amiga, I'd say.

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