posted by lemur2 on Thu 6th Jan 2011 22:23 UTC
IconAccording to data compiled by StatCounter, Firefox overtook Internet Explorer (IE) as the dominant browser in Europe at the end of 2010. During December, 38.11% of internet page views involved Mozilla's Firefox web browser, whilst Internet Explorer fell back to second place with 37.52%.

According to StatCounter, Firefox's share decreased from over 40% early in 2010 to 38.11% late in the year, but Firefox still overtook IE due to a steeper reduction in IE's share, probably due to a corresponding increase in Google Chrome.

It will be interesting to monitor ongoing trends in browser market share when the newer, more competitive versions of IE (IE9) and Firefox (Firefox 4.0) become available in the near future. If Firefox 4.0 is compelling enough, Firefox may be able to hold on to its recently-gained #1 ranking, especially considering that Firefox 4.0 will bring advantages to Windows XP users where IE9 will not.

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