posted by Thom Holwerda on Fri 25th Feb 2011 00:09 UTC
IconOh. My. God. When I read this, and browsed the website, my face went like this. Do you remember the Amiga? That fun little computer that was miles ahead of its competition, but in recent years has been dragged through the mud by one shady figure after the next? Here's a new one: Amiga, Inc., the one 'run' by Bill McEwen, has partnered with a company called IContain to slap the Amiga logo on a bunch of low-end, incredibly sad products. Whether this is another shady deal I don't know, but worthy of the Amiga? I don't think so. I'm not putting this in the Amiga category, by the way. I refuse to. Forget it. It's going into our generic category. Fitting. Update: As was pointed out over at, not only are these nothing more than brandless OEM products with Photoshopped logos, the website itself is just a standard, unmodified WordPress theme. Oi. Doesn't instil a lot of confidence, now, does it?

It's supposedly a bunch of products directed at something called the 'rent-to-own' market, which, in my book, sounds like something the Beeper King would come up with. The website is at least functional - unlike some of the other truly shady Amiga businesses out there - but the products...

They're generic, brandless OEM boxes with 'Amiga' and the boing ball logo Photoshopped all over them. Android tablets and phones, a bunch of all-in-one computers, and even televisions. The laptops section is empty. But wait! We have quotes!

"From NASA to Disney, everyone loved Amiga in the past for its innovation," says IContain CEO Todd Kleperis, "It only makes sense that they would lead the charge with a revolutionary new way to enhance personal connectivity. We are extremely happy to have a partner in bringing the next line of connected devices to market and helping the RTO world."

"Amiga has continued to work on bringing new products with new partners, and we are pleased to be working with IContain providing new hardware and software solutions that will benefit everyone," adds Amiga CEO Bill McEwen.

Once, there was this girl. She was beautiful. Smart. Rich. Had everything going for her. Then, she started sleeping around. Got herself involved with the wrong people. She disappeared for a few years. Didn't hear from her. Now, she's a crack whore selling herself on the side of the roads near Prague. She'll give it away for just a spoonful.

It seems that at this point, you're best off just sticking to the two companies who have been able to deliver: Hyperion and ACube. They're real. They have products you can buy and run today that are actually really Amiga, not a Linux distribution with a skin or a generic box with a Photoshopped boing ball. The X1000 should've been here by now, but it isn't, and these silly IContain products sure aren't going to make any Amigans' hearts boing any faster.

At least we have AROS.

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