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Time to Adopt Puppy?

Puppy Linux combines a full range of applications and performance in an easy-to-use system. Given its light resource requirements, it works well on older computers, netbooks, mobile devices, and other limited-resource systems. It's a great hobbyist system for revitalizing an older computer. You can make an old Windows ME/98/95 box useful again with Puppy.

I like Puppy because it's the lightest Linux distro I've found that is still suitable for end users. Install it on an old P-III or P-IV computer and your family or friends will use it just as effectively for common tasks as any expensive new machine.

At OS News, we're all computer enthusiasts, so it may be hard to believe. But many people see absolutely no reason to pay for a new computer every few years if their old one suffices. Puppy is a godsend for these folks.

I've run Puppy for five years with few problems. Forum support is outstanding. And Puppy really flies -- when the entire system runs from memory, even an older computer is responsive. A P-III with adequate memory runs Puppy as fast as my dual-core e5200 runs Windows.
Without advertisements or corporate backing, Puppy has risen to become one of the world's dozen most popular distros. If you're looking for a lightweight distro you should give it a try.

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Howard Fosdick (President, FCI) is an independent consultant who specializes in databases and operating systems. His hobby is computer refurbishing as a form of social work and environmental contribution. You can reach him at contactfci at the domain name of sbcglobal (period) net.

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Puppy Linux Screenshots

The Main Screen

The icons in the upper-left side of the screen are the main applications. The optional row of disk icons at the lower left-side of the screen shows the mount status of disk partitions. I've changed the background wallpaper here from version 5's default to that of an earlier Puppy release --

Puppy Main Screen

Bundled Graphics Tools

This screenshot shows Puppy's bundled graphics tools. Just right-click at any open position in the screen to see JWM's pop-up application menus --

Bundled Graphics Tools

Using Puppy

I wrote this article on several of old P-IV and P-III computers with Puppy. Here's a screenshot where I'm researching and writing using tools like the KompoZer HTML Editor, Firefox, the ROX-Filer File Manager, and the System Tools menu. I snapped and resized the screenshot with mtPaint --

Writing This Article

The Package Manager

Puppy 5 now installs and runs applications from the Ubuntu as well as Puppy repositories. You can install any *.deb package  --

The Package Manager (with Ubuntu Repositories)


This easy tool allows for one-click app installation and is an easy-to-use addition to the Package Manager --

Quickpet Application Installer

Network Connectivity Tools

Puppy Version 5 enhances Puppy's network connectivity tools. Wireless and modem configuration are much improved --

Network Connectivity Tools

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