posted by David Adams on Sun 31st Jul 2011 19:10 UTC
IconNielsen's latest smartphone numbers show Apple's iPhone by far the most popular device among mobile computing hardware, but Android in a strong lead as the most popular OS. But while it's great to have choices in hardware, it can certainly be maddening to have to choose, especially if you don't have the fortitude to keep up with what's new on the market. So, dear readers, for the benefit of those who might be in the market for an Android handset, which one is best?

Let's leave the Android vs iOS vs something else flamewar aside for the moment, and assume that it's definitely going to be Android.

Once the iPhone 5 comes out, there'll be plenty of discussion here about that.

Let's also assume GSM, though if you feel strongly about a particular CDMA device, please chime in, but be sure to mention that it's for Verizonistas. As for the particular tradeoffs, such as screen size and processor speed vs. battery life, make your case for one or the other. Mobile computing is all about tradeoffs, and we're looking for the best all-around handset for everyday communication and personal computing use. Definitely take points off for hardware that's loaded with carrier or manufacturer crapware and/or can't be upgraded to new Android versions. (We are all geeks here, for goodness sake, and that's stuff's important). But if there's such a thing as device-specific software or UI elements that actually enhance the user experience, then we'd love to hear about it.

We'll try to get our hands on whatever the hive mind comes up with, and run it through its paces.

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