posted by Thom Holwerda on Thu 1st Sep 2011 22:31 UTC
IconThe last time we did this, it was still 2010, so it's been a while. Since I'm having a hard time finding interesting things to write about today (unless you guys want a story about Apple losing another iPhone prototype at a bar, or about Samsung's god-given quest to launch a tablet/smartphone for each number between 3 and 10), let's do one of those old-fashioned and quaint 'show us your desktop!'-things. I'll start.

This is my Linux desktop. I use GNOME 2; KDE 4 still won't work properly for me (this is like, I don't know, the 5th or 6th hardware configuration I've tried? I've given up), Unity feels like My First UI, and GNOME 3 looks and works like one of those concept cars - it looks great on photos but it has no engine and the interior is made of clay. I'm currently planning a switch to Xfce to future-proof my Linux experience.

I use two operating systems on a daily basis. For anything related to work (90% of my computer time since I only reboot into Linux once I know for sure I'll have no work for at least a few days), I use Windows 7. If you want a screenshot of that, it's basically the same as the Linux one above, except with a Windows 7 taskbar at the bottom. I'm boring like that.

Just for funsies, since I'm using this thing quite often - this is what the desktop on my iPad 2 looks like.

Well - fire away!

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