posted by Thom Holwerda on Fri 30th Sep 2011 16:09 UTC, submitted by kragil
Icon"In developer forums worldwide, there is a huge activity and engagement in the open Android ecosystem. And we also know there are a lot of independent developers out there who are creating their own custom ROMs or modifying the kernel. The Sony Ericsson Developer program is following this community with great interest, and even though Sony Ericsson is not supporting all the activities by independent developers, we recognize that custom ROMs are a part of the Android ecosystem. We therefore decided to assist a group of developers called 'FreeXperia'. The overall open developer community is important to Sony Ericsson, and we hope to learn from it, and share knowledge ourselves." On top of that, as far as I know, Soney Ericsson has not yet caved to Microsoft's extortion campaign, and they haven't been sued by either Microsoft or Apple either. All this combined makes them an excellent choice for those of us who don't want support slime ball practices of Microsoft and Apple. Then again - Sony.
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