posted by David Adams on Thu 26th Jan 2012 00:06 UTC, submitted by estherschindler
IconMicrosoft is giving an unusually long advanced look at their next edition of Windows 8, both for client and server, and Tom Henderson (who has been writing about networking and security for decades) takes a look at the implications of the features in the "pre-beta" tuned for businesses and network admins. The client version of the operating systems is known to have support concerns, for instance, as long-time APIs are retired and new ones introduced, as he writes in Windows 8 Client Pre-Beta: Five Important Implications. And the Windows 8 Server Editions promise more radical changes than the operating system has seen in a decade: It’s a re-thinking of how server roles are accomplished for Microsoft. He discusses the impact on your Windows Server deployment in Windows 8 Server Pre-Beta: 5 Important Implications.
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