posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 7th Mar 2012 22:59 UTC
IconAnd it was that time of the year again - Apple held one of its product announcements. This one focussed on the iPad mostly, and while some will call it a disappointment merely because virtually everything had already been leaked, I'm still in awe over the fact the newly announced iPad has a 2048x1536 display. My mind is blown.

Sure, we've known about this display for a while now, and it was pretty much agiven even before the event was announced. This will have surely dampened the enthusiasm for this event for some, but not for me. We've been promised truly high-DPI displays for almost a decade, and now it's finally here.

We're looking at a 9.7" diagonal sporting 2048x1536 pixels - that's a ppi of 264. To power this many pixels, the device comes with a new, quad-core GPU, while the CPU still remains dual-core. The camera has also been improved, while the front-facing camera remains a paltry VGA one (lame). Despite the obviously beefier hardware, Apple promises no drop in battery life compared to the iPad 2.

For a device that's 95% display, this insane new display is a pretty big deal. This will officially bring high-DPI displays into the mainstream, and it's my hope we're finally going to see these on laptops and regular displays as well. It's time, damnit.

While the iPhone has become 'meh' compared to the more interesting and diverse competition, we haven't yet hit that point when it comes to tablets. The iPad 2 was the best tablet, and now the new iPad (it has no additional identifiers) is even better. The competition is simply nowhere to be found, and sure, this display has probably been developed by LG or whatever, but fact remains that Apple is the one to make it obtainable.

At a mere €479 (NL)/$499. For once, I'm in full agreement with the Grubers and Sieglers of this world: there is no tablet market. There's only an iPad market. I'm selling my iPad 2. I want this fancy display.

Other products announced include a new Apple TV capable of 1080p, and iPhoto for the iPad.

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