posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 27th Jun 2012 10:12 UTC
IconOnly a few more hours until the last of the big three has its big event (Google i/o, after WWDC and Microsoft's Surface and WP8 events). They will most likely announce a Nexus tablet, as well as Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. While many of you are still on Gingerbread with your top-of-the-line phones - let me poke a few eyes out with mikegapinski's Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich port... To the Samsung Wave. Dual-booting Bada 2 and ICS, right here.

mikegapinski has picked up work on an older effort to port Android to the Wave, and hopped right on the ICS train. He released his first public ICS ROM for the Wave a few days ago, and it just so happens that my brother owns a Wave, running Bada 2. And, to make it even better, he just bought a brand new Galaxy SII, leaving me free to install Ice Cream Sandwich on his Wave.

It's easy to do, and it works. There's quite some stuff missing of course, but overall, it's actually remarkably usable and full-featured. Wifi works, for instance, and you can login with your Google account and all that. It's a tad bit on the slow side here and there, about on par with older iOS and Android devices. The Wave is from 2010, has a 1Ghz single-core processor, 128MB RAM, a PowerVR SGX 540 GPU, and an 800x480 3.3" display (a pretty decent 283ppi, actually). 2G/3G doesn't work yet, the touchscreen needs calibration, and it can't read battery state nor charge the battery while in Android, but mikegapinski is aware of these issues.


Openness. It works.

In all seriousness, this is what openness looks like. The 'Android is closed'-meme has died down considerably, but you'll still see it rear its ugly head every now and then. Seeing Android work on a completely and utterly unsupported device like this really drives the point home: Android is open - whether you like it or not.

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