posted by Eugenia Loli on Wed 5th Feb 2003 07:33 UTC, submitted by Gil Bates
Icon"IMD for Linux (Indigo Magic Desktop) is going much further that those themes that simulate the IRIX look and feel. IMD for Linux has it own window manager that looks, behaves and provides the same features found on an IRIX box. Read more about the recreation of 4dwm desktop environment on Linux and how to beta test for the project.

The Motif widget set has been revised to give a true SGI Motif look and feel and new SGI specific widgets will be provided for source code compatibility between the two environments. Yes, IRIX based applications could be ported to Linux with very little changes in the GUI front-end. IMD for Linux will provide a similar Interactive Desktop environment where applications like toolchest, iconcatalog, fm and others made SGI's Desktop Technology so famous."

The 5Dwm project site has just been substantially updated very recently (last couple of days or so) with more information and screenshots and they are asking for beta testers.

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