posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 8th Dec 2014 18:24 UTC

Rumours of Nintendo working on its own mobile phone have been appearing on and off for the past decade, and recently we even heard that the idea almost become a reality back in 2004. The prospect of owning a mobile telecommunications device crafted to suit Nintendo's unique vision is a tantalising one, but the firm has so far refused to embrace the notion. With shareholders calling for Nintendo to make its titles available for a wider audience by embracing existing mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, you might assume that the time for creating a unique mobile device has long since passed, but we're not so sure. In fact, it could be argued that there's never been a better time for Nintendo to release a handset of its own.

Would you switch phones for Mario? Would anyone?

Then again, imagine if Google struck a deal with Nintendo - a full, proper Android phone from Nintendo, with exclusive access to Nintendo's games via Nintendo's own additional platform. Could potentially work.

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