posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 23rd Sep 2015 23:49 UTC

That's justified bias. That's relevant context derived from history and experience. Without it, we'd be reciting facts and figures, but no meaning. Megabytes and millimeters matter only after they've been passed through the prism of human judgment, and we shouldn't pretend that it can, or should, ever be unbiased.

While I agree with the article, there is one thing that tends to stand out in reviews of smartphones: while non-iPhone reviews always highlight the things the reviewed device lacks compared to the iPhone, the reverse is rarely - if ever - true.

Which has nothing to do with bias, and everything with a lack of empathy. Tech journalism is almost exclusively an American affair, and all of these reviewers carry iPhones themselves. This is perfectly fine, were it not that they seem to be incapable to put themselves in someone else's shoes and look at all the things, say, an Android user in Germany would have to give up were she or he to buy an iPhone.

I'm buying the iPhone 6S in a few months, and you can expect me to not make that mistake.

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