posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 7th Sep 2016 22:24 UTC

Apple held its iPhone event tonight, and introduced the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2. The iPhone's most interesting feature can only be found on the iPhone 7 Plus: a dual camera setup, consisting of a wide-angle and telephoto lens. Thanks to some software magic, Apple claims this camera can produce the kind of bokeh effect normally reserved for more expensive, dedicated cameras.

And yes: the iPhone 7 is ditching the 3.5mm jack in favour of lightning headphones, a dongle, or Apple's brand new AirPods - ugly wireless earbuds with a battery life of "up to" 5 hours, a hefty price tag, and the opportunity to live that Bluetooth headset lifestyle.

Other iPhone 7 tidbits: stereo speakers (that warrants a finally, right?), a new home button which isn't really a button but a little trackpad with a Taptic Engine (like Apple's new trackpads - you won't notice a difference, because the Taptic Engine is legitimately magic), and a few new colour options.

The new Apple Watch - the Series 2 - looks the same, but has a dual-core processor now, better waterproofing, and built-in GPS. Apple is also selling a version of the old Apple Watch equipped with the new processor, which they call the Series 1. The 'old' Apple Watch will remain on sale as well, but at a reduced price.

For the rest, the event wasn't all that exciting. I think the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus will be quite amazing, but for the rest both the new iPhone and the new Apple Watch are spec bumps - and there's nothing wrong with that, since we've reached the point where there's not much more you can do with a slab of glass. Apple also made a huge deal of a new infinite runner game for iOS, but other than the fact it's got Nintendo's Mario in it, I don't see how we need another infinite runner on mobile to compete with the other 20972194 we already have.

Rests me to say that Apple also announced that macOS Sierra will be released on 20 September and iOS 10 on 13 September.

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