posted by Brandon on Sun 9th Mar 2003 07:57 UTC
IconI chose to checkout Lindows 3.0 because it had been in the news a lot and it had interested me. I had expected more from it though. I expected more applications and much better configuration tools as it is aimed at the Desktop audience.

In Lindows 3.0 you can find: *A Lindows modified KDE 3.0.1 *Linux Kernel 2.4.19 *XFree86 4.2.0 *Mozilla 1.0 *OpenOffice 1.0.1 *Netscape 7.0

1. The Lindows Installation:
The installation was very quick and very easy. The install just extracts an image on to the hard disk or partition you choose. I really found that the fast installation let me get on with life and I didn't have to leave my desk for like 30-2 hours. It only took about 10 minutes total!

2. After Installation:
After the installation was finished you will be greeted by LILO, the LInux LOader. Of course the company's name and logo is the background image. They put transitions like fading in and out on your choices in the menu.

IMHO, I thought it was looked cool. Lindows is the only distro that I've tried that actually identified the correct version of Windows (which is W2K) and the I had an installation of SuSE Linux 8.0 Pro. You had a choice in the LILO menu that stated, "Welcome to SuSE." I thought it was pretty nice being that other distros do not do it. Lindows left everything else on my hard drives alone, which was good. So far so good!

3. Other Good Features:
Lindows included great documentation that is easy to access and understand, which is a plus. Lindows interface is also very simple with their nice crystal icons and keramik window decorations.

4. The Bad...
Now for the bad....Lindows comes with almost no applications, and being that my wireless card did not work in Lindows, I can not use click-n-run to receive more. It also has no configuration tools of its own. The little bit of apps that it has are hard to find and could be difficult for a linux "newbie" to use.

5. Hardware support:
In comparison with some other big distributions, hardware support is pretty good, but not as good as I would like. I had to manually set up my HP DeskJet 932C and that is a very common printer. Yet again, my wireless pci card did not work, which was another minus. Lindows did support my nForce chipset with all features. Only two other distros besides Lindows support it this well. The other two are Redhat and SuSE. Video, sound, and ethernet all worked fine.

6. Other features:
Lindows included Netscape 7.0 as their default browser. This is the first browser that I have tried that has included it as default. They have a well organized menu that is similar to that of Microsoft Windows.

7. Conclusion:
After installing Lindows again I was actually kind of impressed. If they include more applications, their own configuration tools, and better automatic hardware detection and setup, I will most likely buy it again.

8. Final Verdict
Pros: Great installation, fast, easy...good interface, LILO was configured nicely.
Cons: Had to manually setup my HP DeskJet 932c, wireless pci card did not work, and they do not include any easy to find and use configuration tools.
Final Verdict: Lindows is a great distro, with a little work it will only become better.

9. Final Score:
Lindows: 7/10

10. Few after thoughts:
Hopefully this helps some of you if you are interested in Lindows. Please feel free to put down your comments. Thanks.

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