posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 25th Jun 2018 23:34 UTC

From about a month ago:

HMD announced a new slate of Nokia phones Tuesday. To go along with the previously announced Nokia 6.1, we have the Nokia 5.1, Nokia 3.1, and Nokia 2.1. The highest-end phone here starts at $220, and the price goes down from there.

Every Nokia phone is worth paying attention to, because they are all part of Google's Android One program. This means they run stock Android and get monthly security updates. Nokia promises two years of major OS updates and three years of security updates for everything. It's really hard to find good, cheap smartphones, and with this lineup (depending on distribution), HMD seems to have the market locked up.

The 3.1 will be available in the US starting 2 July, and browsing around Dutch stores, it seems they'll make it to The Netherlands (and thus, I assume, the rest of Europe) in early July as well. These look like some incredibly solid, affordable, and properly update-friendly phones (because they run Android One). I might pick one of these up myself.

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