posted by Thom Holwerda on Sat 20th Oct 2018 22:54 UTC

Speaking of Windows' development process, the company has released another build for Windows Insiders, and it contains a small change I'm quite happy with.

In 19H1, we are adding the ability to uninstall the following (preinstalled) Windows 10 inbox apps via the context menu on the Start menu All Apps list:

  • 3D Viewer (previously called Mixed Reality Viewer)
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Groove Music
  • Mail
  • Movies & TV
  • Paint 3D
  • Snip & Sketch
  • Sticky Notes
  • Voice Recorder

I'd uninstall all of these except for Calculator, Mail, and Groove Music, so this is a great move - and long overdue. Next step (I hope): how about not preinstalling a whole bunch of junkware on vanilla Windows 10 installations? While I wasn't surprised, it still felt unpleasant to discover that my brand new €1850 Dell XPS 13 had garbage like the Windows Facebook application and some Sugar whatever games installed.

It's crazy that the applications preinstalled by Dell were all mostly useful and inoffensive, yet Microsoft installs a whole bunch of junk.

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