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IconPostgreSQL is a robust, next-generation, Object-Relational DBMS (ORDBMS), derived from the Berkeley Postgres database management system. "PostgreSQL is one of the best-managed open source projects out there" a friend-in-the-know told me about 2 years ago, so today we feature a mini-interview with five members of the PostgreSQL team about their plans on the popular DB.

Interviewees are:
Bruce = Bruce Momjian, major PostgreSQL developer.
Neil = Neil Conway, major PostgreSQL developer.
Robert = Robert Treat, Advocacy volunteer and editor of the PostgreSQL Weekly News newsletter.
Josh = Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Advocacy volunteer.

1. What's the latest news regarding replication on PostgreSQL?

Bruce: We have several master-slave solutions, and are working on multi-master for the release after next.

Robert: Also, PostgreSQL Inc. has recently teamed up with Lanux Limited to offer a high-availability solution.

2. What about clustering, load balancing and nested transactions?

Bruce: We have none of those, but we might have nested transactions this summer.  Clustering and load balancing are part of multi-master replication.

3. How do you  view your competition in the free RDBMS market, that includes mSQL, mySQL, sapDB and Firebird? Which features does PostgreSQL still lacks that some of these DBs have and which features PostgreSQL has today that these DBs doesn't?

Josh: You have me at a bit of a disadvantage, since I'm used to comparing PostgreSQL to proprietary-commercial databases, who I regard as our "real" competition.   I don't know that much about SAP-DB and Firebird beyond their literature on their websites.

The only features that we lack which some other FOSS databases have are the ones you mention in questions 1 & 2. Oh, and our native Windows version is due out this summer.

Fortunately, we have a *lot* of features that the other FOSS databases don't have.  These include:

-- Very high level (90%?) of ANSI SQL 92/99 compliance and implementation, and getting better with each point release.

-- SQL SCHEMA, which I believe that only SAP DB has among those mentioned.

-- Extensive support of business logic building in the database, including Triggers, Rules, Functions, Views, and custom Constraints.  While some of the other FOSS databases have some of these elements, none of them has the breadth and depth of support for all avenues of database automation and data integrity that PostgreSQL does.  For example, I believe that we have the only RDBMS that allows writing functions and procedures in 7 programming languages.

-- And, paramount: our built-in-the-database extensibility, including custom Aggregates, Operators, Data Types, Domains, Functions, and other elements of Stonebreaker-style ORDMBS extensibility.   This seminal element of our design philosophy has already given us some community-contributed constructs that no other database, FOSS or commercial, has, such as our set of Networking data types and operators, or PL/R for advanced statistical analysis.

Robert: Don't forget the PostGIS project for Open GIS implementation.

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