posted by Eugenia Loli on Mon 28th Apr 2003 15:45 UTC
IconNicholas Blachford from Genesi (also ex-Amiga, ex-BeOS developer) sent us in an announcement regarding the new Pegasos machines, the BeOS connection and the availability of NewOS for Pegasos.

As announced at BeGeistert 010:

Be goes home!

A long time ago Be inc. shipped a Box with PowerPC processors. Later they abandoned the PowerPC in favour of the x86 CPUs.

Ex-Be inc. Kernel developer Travis Geiselbrecht is to port NewOS to the Pegasos motherboard.

Axel Dörfler is then to work with those changes and port OpenBeOS to Pegasos.

Whats the big deal about this? Pegasos is a PowerPC motherboard, Be is going home!

More details of Pegasos along with resellers can be found here.

A G4 upgrade is planned for July.

Later in the Year Pegasos 2 shall be launched with support for DDR RAM, 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports and support for G3 and G4 CPUs.

A dual G4 card is also under consideration.

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