posted by Eugenia Loli on Thu 8th May 2003 06:15 UTC
IconOne old Sawfish theme I always admired is "Friday". I liked its concept of having its window manager buttons shaped after the purpose they served (the Min button was a triangle looking down, and the max button a triangle looking up). I modified the theme to my liking (undoubtly it could still be done better by a pro graphics person) and here is its mockup. Update: An alternative design, possibly much better.

I am not into theme-making, so if someone has experience with QT/kWin themes and/or Gnome's Metacity themes (Metacity theme prefered btw), please step up and create the theme under the OSS license of your choice.

We can't offer money at this point, but we do have two brand new books to send over. The first developer who creates an exact theme as in the mockup, would be able to choose between "Learning Red Hat Linux" (2nd Edition) and "C# in a Nutshell", both graciously sent by O'Reilly.

UPDATE: Filip Van Raemdonck (aka Mechanix) is the winner, he will be receiving his C# book soon! Download the latest version of the finished theme for Gnome and Metacity! There are 3 outstanding issues with the theme, but they won't be fixed, as the Metacity engine doesn't seem to support these features. See this comment for more info and a screenshot.

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