posted by Eugenia Loli on Sun 15th Jun 2003 22:07 UTC
IconAnother major hardware maker is likely to be added to SCO's legal battle against IBM and others over what it claims is illegally appropriated source code in Linux. In the meantime, Novell backs off copyright claims against SCO.

The SCO Group Inc. has found what it says is proof that it owns all copyrights related to the Unix operating system, a claim rival Novell Inc. had contested last month and for which SCO may seek to recoup damages.

Also, IBM said that it had no intention of reaching a quick settlement with the SCO Group, a small company based in Lindon, Utah, in a legal fight that is causing concern among the many corporations that use the increasingly popular Linux operating system to handle some computing chores. SCO gave I.B.M. 100 days to settle the case, a deadline that expired last Friday.

An editorial is wondering if SCO is bluffing: "Its CEO says he's ready to go to the mat with IBM about Unix licensing. Here's what could happen and why."

Inquirer has two articles on SCO: "SCO's evidence unveiled?" and "Linux kernel coder puts SCO on notice".

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