posted by Eugenia Loli on Mon 16th Jun 2003 23:35 UTC
IconHere is a must-read article in the SCO-Linux-IBM situation. SCO says that Linux uses inappropriate code on IBM's JFS, NUMA, RCU and SMP. Additionally, they are looking into firing against FreeBSD (related info here) while they might even hold Microsoft responsible for some things: "Microsoft merely licensed an applications interface layer." So it is SCO against everyone. Huh, wait. Except Sun: "Sun is clean" SCO's CTO says. SCO also explains the GPL "deal". Update: How appropriate: Looking to capitalize on IBM legal dispute, Sun is readying a new AIX-to-Solaris migration program. Update2: SCO suit now seeks $3 billion from IBM.

The Sun migration program will kick off on Wednesday with full-page ads on big newspapers:

"Attention AIX Users: Sun is Here to Help ... Unfortunately, our friends in Blue have a problem with licensing contracts that could make things very expensive for anyone running AIX," the ads will read.

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