posted by Eugenia Loli on Fri 4th Jul 2003 03:45 UTC, submitted by Derek Kent
IconNASA recently benchmarked Apple's dual 2GHz Power Mac G5 at its Langley Research Center in Virginia. The main purpose of the tests was to compare the G5 to the G4 for "computational fluid dynamics applications" however they also compare it to the Pentium 4.

The test was well documented and concludes that "the G5 has about 22% better scalar floating point performance per clock cycle than the G4 systems tested and 32% better floating point performance per clock cycle than the P4 systems tested."

IBM intends to use the PowerPC 970 (termed the "G5" by Apple) with its AIX operating system in workstation units soon, and Apple plans to begin shipping the Power Mac G5 with MacOS X 10.3 this fall.

Apple released today a 94-page PDF document detailing on the G5 architecture.

More about the G5 and an analysis can be found at DigitMagazine, while The Age has an article titled "Massive Mac".

Insanely Great Mac informs us that the final release of Panther definitely won't support beige G3 or earlier PowerMacs, nor will it support PowerBook G3s that lack built-in USB ports.

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