posted by Eugenia Loli on Fri 17th Aug 2001 18:07 UTC
IconOpera Software has released new versions for all popular Operating Systems, including Macintosh and Linux, with latest additions their version for QNX RtP. Their QNX version, mostly optimized and written with Internet Appliances in mind, is working as a server and in order to view rendered HTML pages, you need to use a client window which will be just an "empty shell" that will hold the content of what the Opera server returns. Pretty much the way BeIA's Wagner browser (also Opera-based) and the embedded/OLE versions of IE4+ work. For common/everyday use under QNX though, the native QNX browser, Voyager, will accomodate the Opera server just fine, but you can always write your own window if you are up to the task.
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