posted by Eugenia Loli on Fri 26th Sep 2003 18:47 UTC
IconOS/2 Servers have been a stable and powerful platform more many years and are depended upon by many businesses. This is especially true in the banking industry where OS/2 Servers are trusted to run the software that supports the branch office environment. However, as the industry looks to renew its branch office operations, many banks are looking to make a transition from there OS/2 Servers to a platform with wider industry support.

The two logical target platforms for this transition, says IBM, are a Microsoft or Linux solution. Both of these solutions have there own benefits and costs.

This redbook provides a technical guide for OS/2 administrators to help them plan for and implement a transition to which ever platform is right for their business. Using this redbook as a guide, OS/2 administrators and technical personnel will be able to develop and implement a plan for a smooth transition from their current OS/2-based domains to either a Microsoft Windows and Active Directory solution, or a Linux-based solution utilizing LDAP and SAMBA V3.0 for file and print sharing, or in many cases, a mixed environment containing both platforms.

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