posted by Eugenia Loli on Thu 13th Nov 2003 05:49 UTC
IconDavid Finkelstein, VP of Sales & Marketing of Xandros, was very kind answering some of our questions about their upcoming product, Xandros Desktop 2.0. Dive in to read our quick chat and get more info directly from Xandros.

Click for a larger version 1. When is Xandros 2.0 estimated to be released?

David: Xandros v2 will be available in the second week of December

2. What are its main features? What technologies are included?

David: Attached is a .pdf highlighting all the new features in V2 (edit: exported as Jpegs in this article)

3. How do you see the competition lately? Are your competitors Lycoris and Lindows or Microsoft and Apple?

David: We see our competition as MSFT and Suse.

4. How Xandros 1.0 was received by the consumer after a year of being available for purchase?

David: Xandros v1 was really well received. We continue to get tremendous positive feedback on v1. PC Mag this November ranked us as the #distro 4 out of 5 stars and that was a one year old version

Click for a larger version 5. Do you believe that Linux on the desktop is adequate today or more maturity and finishing touches are required? If yes, which parts of the Linux experience needs to be worked out yet?

David: We believe V2 is the closet thing to giving users the desktop experience they desire.It's interface, ease of installation and hardware support are best of breed and comparable to anything they are used to using.

6. Is there a Xandros 2.0 server product on the works too, or your main focus is the desktop version?

David: In January Xandros will announce a spate of enterprise focused products. Really exciting stuff!

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