posted by Eugenia Loli on Mon 5th Jan 2004 06:15 UTC
IconHere is a great new, innovative product: a very intelligent 800-pound robot to help you at home, named NS-5. At least this is what the firm "3 Laws Safe" is promising for July 16th this year. The OS used in the humanoid robot is named "Teresa" and the version shipped "will be the 2.1.2. Future OS updates will be available for wireless download 24/7. All NS-5 owners shall receive free OS updates for the lifetime of their personal domestic assistant" their site claims.

Now that you have read all this and possibly checked out the pictures of the robot, you might be wondering if all this is true and if our technology is at the point the irobotnow web site promises. Well, this is nothing but some great marketing from FoxFilms for their upcoming movie I,Robot.

Fox launched that web site without stating that this is not a real product or a real situation and there are already many confused people on the net, believing that this is actually a real product. So we thought we should let you know before we get submissions about the wonders of the (non-existant) "Teresa OS".

Funnily, their TV ad for their "iRobotNow product" is very similar to Apple's ads, music, theme, direction (especially for the Apple Cube and the iPod ads).

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