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IconMandrakeMove is a Live CD distribution, or in other words, it does not need to be installed. It is an interesting concept, but not a new one, there are quite a few similar products, such as the famous Knoppix, SUSE Live, LindowsCD, Mempis, PCLinuxOS, Gnoppix and a few others.


No more file compatibility problems for presentations: need to present an presentation with a Java applet in it which MS Office does not support? You no longer need to remove it, just use MandrakeMove.

  • No setup required
  • Simply boot from CD and everything is ready to go
  • If you need to upgrade your MandrakeMove again all you need is to insert the new MandrakeMove (this is of course assuming, that Mandrake will continue developing this line of products)
  • Software is unbreakable
  • No viruses whatsoever, even if they manage to get on the hard drive of the computer, and the user is dumb enough to execute it, the virus can not harm his system because it can not modify the CD
  • Odd configurations of any type, such as deletion of all icons will be solved in just a few seconds after a reboot
  • Takes up no space on hard drive, in fact it does not require a hard drive, significantly reducing the price of a computer
  • Portability: now you can have a solid Linux operating system anywhere
  • If you have a USB thumbdrive you may even store your configuration on it along with your files so you can boot up and become productive faster
  • You get what the developers intended
  • Unlike a distribution where you pick and choose the components to install and where more configuration is needed, MandrakeMove is the exact image of what the developers intended because you have no chance to modify anything which could lead to dependency or integration problems

There are many cases where a system that runs off the CD would be ideal:

  • Internet cafes: these places need great computers, cutting costs is a priority and not needing a hard drive, or any administration is a big plus
  • Schools: again cutting costs is a major concern, and here this product shines; in addition it provides all the tools students need, and perhaps is a little too feature-packed (many administrators do not want students to be able to play games and MandrakeMove comes with a good selection of games and powerful multimedia capabilities)
  • Demonstration purposes, show off your Linux system without touching any of the data
  • As a recovery tool: you should definitely keep this handy, especially if you have computers running Windows 95, 98 or ME
  • If you travel a lot and need to use computers on which you do not have all the software you need, this will definitely come in handy, especially in combination with a USB thumbdrive

MandrakeMove $19.9

MandrakeMove $69.9
+ USB key 128Mb

MandrakeMove $129
+ USB key 256Mb

MandrakeMove $ 269
+ USB key 512Mb

Now that we know the benefits of using such a product and some possible scenarios, let's get down to the real review.

What it comes with

The boxed set of MandrakeMove comes with a bootable CD, a nice manual and a USB key (128 Mb or 256 depending on your choice), considering that a 128 MB USB key runs at about $50, the price seems right.

Also, for those that are confused, there are important differences between the Download Edition and Boxed Edition.

Most importantly, you cannot use a USB key with the download edition to store your data and it is missing commercial software such as Flash, Realplayer and Java, which because it is a CD distribution cannot be installed later.


Well this is a no-brainer, all you do is set your CD-ROM drive as bootable from the BIOS, wait for it to load, select the language, and just enter a user name and password, if all goes well, in a little more than a minute you should find the familiar KDE desktop. If you have a configuration saved on your USB thumbdrive you will be presented with your custom desktop.

So far it has worked on all 3 of my computers which are all build from scratch except an IBM Thinkpad laptop. Only problem I've had is with the wireless, but this seems to be the case for every distribution I tried on it. I'm especially impressed that it configured my Cannon S600 at bootup without any input from me.

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