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Connecting... or not

Click for a larger version One nice thing I noticed was that the Atmel wlan drivers were included and my SMC 2632w V3 pcmcia wlan card "worked" out of box. Well, not quite. After couple hours of clicking Network properties from control panel, I was still not connected. After trying out pretty much every possible combination of settings, still not connected, not even access point found.

I added my settings manually to /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts as they are in my Slackware installation. No luck. This tool does not allow you to create wlan schemas, and schema support has been removed from cardctl, or at least my experience of adding typical schema stuff to wireless.opts (something,*,*,* ... ;;) caused parse errors when running cardctl and after errors, and halted the whole system. I started taking a look to PCMCIA scripts,

 /etc/pcmcia/wireless /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts 
and so on. Those seem to be heavily modified, and anyone familiar with standard /etc/pcmcia/wireless & config won't be familiar with these strange scripts. No matter in what form I entered to wlan key, it still didn't work. I tried to add it manually too to /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts, like I have it in my slackware installation. Didn't help. I just gave up hope of getting wlan working and stuck in and ethernet cable to get at least something done with Lindows. Oh well, tied down to my desk and chair. Not really ideal usage for laptop. I also have different essids & keys at home and work so I really miss ability for wlan schemas.

Click'n'Run warehouse

Click for a larger version Well, first time I started Click'n'Run, it started downloading an update for itself, and after update was complete, CNR crashed. To be fair, all software crashes sometimes. I didn't mind that much. I relaunched click'n'run and searched for ksnapshot to get screenshots. CNR installed it very smoothly. For this 30 seconds I was impressed. Well. Next I tried to install Quanta which I use and need for my work. I searched for Quanta and tried to install it. Boom! Not installing quanta. What the heck,? I got redirected to page telling I should get CNR membership. Same thing with Gimp and with many other *free* programs I tried to install..

Kind of strange that Developer edition doesn't allow me to install Quanta, which, well, totally prevents me from developing. Anyway, I got the gist of CNR. It is nice, indeed, if I would only be allowed to install some software. Most of the needed software is shipped with developer edition anyway, so that isn't a huge issue, but if you're missing [insert your favorite software here] you need either to compile it from source, or buy CNR membership.


Click for a larger version Lindows has done pretty good work with default desktop. I especially liked the wallpaper collection they ship with. Professional, clean wallpapers. Some may not like them, but I did. Lindows also uses modified Geramik theme (Keramik for both, QT and GTK) which makes QT and GTK apps look the same. This is good. Some people already hate Keramik, but since Lindows is targeted for newcomers, they will most likely find it much more attractive than W9X or W2K interfaces. Compared XP interface, if it's better or worse, it's just matter of taste. One thing I noticed was that one of my favorite little KDE enhancements was missing. Dropshadows from the menu! Apparently Lindows is based on on KDE 3.0 since I couldn't find it under style either.

Network browser

Samba was configured properly with no extra work. It found all Windows network shares. Screenshot from my Mandrake workstation shares (I don't have any folders shared there though) only, better to not show share names inside company's intranet.

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