posted by Eugenia Loli on Mon 23rd Feb 2004 02:17 UTC
IconThe popular German TV channel 3Sat put together a mini-presentation to the YellowTAB GmbH and their OS offering, Zeta. The program starts with a bit of history about Be/BeOS and moves to YellowTAB's offices and their newest product, ZintrO. Check in for exclusive shots & info on the ZintrO.

Click for a larger version The product (standing on the tip of my mousepad as I write this) is a small form-factor machine with 1 GHz C3 VIA CPU, 256 MB RAM, KVM switch, USB 2.0, sound, 40 GB drive, modem, two NICs (for use as a router), PCMCIA slot, external web camera, external DVD/CD-RW, keyboard and mouse. Its price will be 690 Euro.

The machine is both an "embedded system" OS and a real Zeta OS underneath. When the ZintrO boots, you are presented with a full screen window with only three buttons on it, "Audio", "Video" and "Web Browsing" loading its respective apps when clicked and loading them as "replicants" (BeOS users are familiar with the concept). This functionality looks a lot like an Internet Appliance, but it is also a mulitmedia jukebox. "Killing" this ZintrO full screen default application will get you to the full Zeta OS for "normal" computing use.

The primary function of the ZintrO is an appliance or a router, but because the full Zeta is included "underneath", it can be used as a normal PC as well.

Download the video presentation (German, 32 MB) in MPEG format here.

YellowTAB's CVO Bernd Korz is in the US for business meetings this week and as I write this, he is right here with us.

Click for a larger version Click for a larger version
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