posted by Eugenia Loli on Thu 25th Mar 2004 23:21 UTC
IconInterested in entering our competition and winning a (sealed) brand new copy of Xandros Business Desktop 2.0? (priced at $129 USD). All you have to do is write an article that could interest OSNews readers (might be an interview, an editorial, a tutorial, a feature, a review etc). Read more for details.

Regarding the Competition

Basically, all you need to do is write an article that is more or less in accordance with our article guidelines and email it to us. Some additional notes:

  • If you are not a native english speaker don't worry too much, we can have it proofread.
  • You can send more than one articles.
  • OSNews reserves the right to publish or to not publish the articles submitted. Before publication some editing might occur for content and clarity (this later editing has no effect in the actual competition).
  • The articles should be original articles, not published anywhere elsewhere.
  • Extra "points" for editors submitting articles that we haven't posted so far (e.g. an OpenBSD review, a Visual Studio review, a Windows 2003 Server administration review, a new tech book review, an interview with a very interesting tech person, or something else like these ideas).
  • Any articles that exhibit this text-formatting problem seen here will NOT be elligible for the prize.
  • Again, please make sure you read our article guidelines before submitting, because all the rest "competition rules" are described there.
  • You have a bit less than a week to finish up your article and send it over to us in order to be elligible for the prize. Last day of accepting entries will be the 11:30 PM of 31st of March 2004 (Pacific time) (Update: The competition is now over). Of course, you can always submit your article for publication on a later date if you are not interested in the competition.

    We will receive the article submissions and our team of editors will pick the most interesting/well-written/original one. The winner will be announced at the end of next week. Must have a normal snail-mail address to send the prize (no P.O. boxes please).

    Regarding the Prize: Xandros Business Desktop 2.0

    Xandros Business Desktop 2.0 is the complete solution for desktop computer users who require authentication against a Windows PDC or Active Directory server to get access to the network. It includes the full version of CodeWeavers CrossOver Office and Plugin for running key Windows applications, the ability to resize NTFS partitions during installation, Sun StarOffice 7, an additional applications CD and 350 page User Guide. 90 days of installation technical support via e-mail. For complete product information see here.

    The box includes an illustrated 350-page manual, a "getting started" leaflet guide, two CD-ROMs (CD1: Xandros, CD2: additional apps) and a Xandros-logo sticker for your PC.

    Special thanks to Xandros for sending over the retail product so we can offer it as a prize to an OSNews reader.

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