posted by Eugenia Loli on Wed 25th Aug 2004 19:03 UTC, submitted by Charles
IconSuch an embarrassment of riches. Apple Macintosh users have two new web browsers to choose from. It's a curious market. All Macs come with two free browsers: Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.2, and Apple's own slick and elegant Safari. But that hasn't stopped a steady queue of software companies looking to promote alternatives.

Elsewhere, Opera 7.60 Preview 1 for Windows is available:

Major New Features:
-New start-up options
-Speech-enabled browsing
-In-line error pages
-Medium-Screen Rendering

Important Changes:
-New support for specifications, including:
-CSS3 speech module (properties new to CSS3 are prefixed by "-xv-")
-XHTML+Voice 1.2
-XMLHttpRequest, XMLSerializer, and DOMParser (interoperable with existing implementations)
-DOM 3 Load & Save
-TLS 1.1 (experimental)
-TLS ServerName Extensions (experimental)
-Transparent background (wmode) support for plug-ins

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