posted by Patrick Weber on Sat 6th Nov 2004 20:28 UTC
IconAlthough it is not an official build, PearPC .4pre has been released on Richard Goodwin's site. You can pick it up here.

This build has some serious speed improvements. I am actually emulating OS X faster than some native machines can run it.

According to some mac "freaks", OS X's average installation time is a half an hour to an hour (usually closer to an hour) and I installed OS X Panther on my Athlon64 3200+ in 20 minutes. .4pre seems very stable and now also there is sound support. Although the sound is claimed to work, I have yet to get it to work.

The networking seems to be working pretty well again in .4pre. You need to have the TAP-Win32 drivers installed from OpenVPN and then you need to install the Apple3com drivers also inorder to get it to run. You can get directions to install the drivers right off of the pearpc site:

All the instructions can be found on the official web site PearPC Sourceforge Web Site

Other useful links and tutorials can be found at

Have fun!

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