posted by Eugenia Loli on Wed 23rd Feb 2005 23:43 UTC, submitted by Jean-Marie Dautelle
IconThe new Javolution 3.0 (open source library) allows your objects to be preallocated at start-up and transparently recycled during execution.

No dynamic object creation or garbage collection ever (and a significant increase in the execution speed of your Java programs).
Also, noteworthy in the new version:
- Text manipulation in O(Log(n)) instead of O(n) for standard String/StringBuffer.
- FastMap, a map whose capacity increases smoothly with no resize/rehash ever.
- Enhanced Struct/Union classes for easier interoperability with C/C++ struct/union.

Javolution runs on all Java platforms (from CLDC 1.0 to J2EE 1.5) or natively when compiled with GCJ (Gnu Compiler for Java).

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