posted by Eugenia Loli on Fri 11th Mar 2005 19:34 UTC, submitted by jeanmarc
IconHere is a list of news from CeBIT regarding yellowTAB's Zeta 1.0:

- new kernel is about 1 week old, (Bernd and others at yT mentioned tne new kernel gives speed improvement about 30%)
- new MediaPlayer design
- new pcinfo application equal to BePC
- new bootscreen
- final release date around end of May/begin of June
- _maybe_ there will be a LiveCD in july (500,000 pieces) bundeled with a big computer magazine
- seems the im_Kit is included
- seems SampleStudio gets improvements
- no more 1GB Ram limitation
- Harddisks >120GB are supported
- the MediaPlayer enables Videowallpaper (still a few graphics issues)
- probably Net+ will be removed, when FireFox is able to print
- no flash, java, OpenGL, OOorg
- JukeBox removed
- less third party software installed by default

More here and here.

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