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Windows Today, Microsoft released the first beta of Windows Vista. PC Mag reviews it. "After several years of waiting to see the successor to Windows XP, code-named Longhorn, we've finally gotten our hands on Beta 1 of what now will be called Windows Vista." They also have 40 screenshots. Elsewhere, MS has announced the official names for Avalon and Indigo.
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I'm dissapointed
by ecko on Wed 27th Jul 2005 20:02 UTC
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Apple is definately beating WIndows in terms of asthetics. I don't own a Mac but I must admit there's something pleasing about the interface. It's almost relaxing it's hard to explain. Microsoft has been good at seeing where it's competitors are going and seeing how it works out so it can be integrated. I know it's not the final product but it seems like Windows is just slowly progressing. No real inovation. Oh well...maybe next revision....

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RE: I'm dissapointed
by on Wed 27th Jul 2005 22:02 in reply to "I'm dissapointed"
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it's relaxing in that sense that pre-school was relaxing. It's so dumbed down you don't have to be confused by all those crazy settings.

I'm not really sure what is so "advanced" about OS X. It's got a launch bar across the bottom... outside of that it's basically an identical file setup. Either you haven't spent much time with OS X, or you're just another M$ hater. Linux, OS X, Windows... they all have the same general "feel". If they didn't users would be lost. Lists and folders are lists and folders, whether you put pretty colors on them or not.

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