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Mac OS X Geekpatrol benchmarks Rosetta performance, and concludes: "I'm impressed with Rosetta; Geekbench performance running under Rosetta is 40% to 80% of what it is running natively. Plus, running Geekbench under Rosetta is comparable to running Geekbench natively on a Power Mac G5 1.6GHz (our baseline system), at least in the single-threaded tests."
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"Intel Macs don't use BIOS anyway. "

Thx for giving me a chance to clarify this ... I was meaning to contradict the `what most of us could have' with `what most of us get'. Yes intel macs don't use bios but they suffer from the quirks and hilarious limitations of the x86 processors.

Anyways the whole point I was trying to make is how sometimes I get the feeling that we get what we're given by Intel/IBM/Apple/whatever all happy and excited without questioning or doubt. I don't mean to preach or crusade but it all sounds like compromising and closing eyes before a truth that may be hard to face. But that could just be me ofcourse.

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If you think you know how to build a better processor than IBM or Intel, by all means do so. I will look forward to the improved performance in my next computer. After all, "Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible."

Please release us from the shackles of dogma. I am ready to open my eyes and face the terrible TRUTH.

P.S. Will you deign to enumerate, oh enlightened one, the "hilarious limitations of the x86 processors?"

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