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Internet Explorer Apparantly 3D browsers are the latest fad, as after uBrowser based on Mozilla Firefox, there is now SphereXplorer, a 3D browser based on Internet Explorer and SphereXP. Indulge yourself in screenshots, or just download and try it. Then, go to our comment section and explain the usefulness, if there is any.
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So... they use the 3D technology...
by Tuishimi on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 23:34 UTC
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2005-07-06 sort of a tabbed browsing or favorites replacement? Is that what the SphereXplorer basically is?

That does not sound very useful to me. :/ Sounds about as useful as Dashboard on Mac OS X.

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raver31 Member since:


look at the screenshots,

this whole thing is for those kool-aid guys who look at it and go "ALRIGHT! COOL"


it has no practical use whatsoever

and if you did try it, you would delete it within an hour after you realsed it was a waste of a download

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I disagree. First, this is really just a proof of concept. Nobody is going to argue that it was intended to "compete" on a feature-by-feature checklist with current 2D browsers. Second, you have a limited imagination. It could be very useful for kiosk-type applications, advertising, modest games, improved accessibility (ie. for people with handicaps, reduced screen real estate, etc), raster and geometry effects for 2D applications, etc. Particularly when you consider that its real usefulness may come from providing an API set to devs rather than a client app -- and the fact that much of the install base will already have the prerequisite bits on their boxes (ie. minimal additional special runtimes to download/install).

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Yeah, we'll get 3d security holes now <g>.

There's a reason why 3d computing has never taken off...monitors are 2d and lend themselves horribly to 3d environments (well, besides gaming of course).

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"Sounds about as useful as Dashboard on Mac OS X."

Umm...except Dashboard actually is useful. I actually use it almost daily.

Though I generally agree with you. This doesn't seem like a terribly useful product - at least in the current implementation.

Ad why IE? It is a terrible browser!

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Tuishimi Member since:

Actually, I use Dashboard daily too. ;) But it sounded like a good thing to say at the time.

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